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Julie Bowen nude

Posted by Adiraja Northcote

Please watch these Julie Bowen nude pictures as I don’t want to know that my work didn’t pay off.

I remember I had a girlfriend named Julie and she was quite sexy as well. Moreover, I think every girl that has the same name is hot because I haven’t met any ugly Jul yet. But that girlfriend of mine was a total bitch and I knew that only after a couple months of dating her. Let me tell you the whole story.

One day on our second month of dating I was supposed to take her from college. But all of the sudden I got call that I need to go and pick up my little brother from kinder garden as my parents couldn’t make it so he was already waiting for like 30 minutes. I called to my girl and said that she should take a car because of the fact that I can’t make. She started to bitch out on me and saying something like I don’t need anymore and I don’t love her. I tried to be as nice as possible but she keeps calling me a liar and obviously she was mad at me as I won’t pick her up.

After three minutes of this unpleasant conversation I screamed in the phone something like this “F..k you bitch, I wish some buss will knock you day on your way back” and then I hung up. Maybe I was overreacting but whatever happened is happened right?

Anyhow, don’t get too strict with your women and if you have some spare time you can watch Julie Bowen naked photos right here.

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